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Now, is your time start to take time record!

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SEAKORS WATCHES is founded by the very talented female watch enthusiasts COCO.
She and her team are very a very long time in the watch business. Our focus was more on chronographs and tourbillon movement watches. 

With SEA-KORS we are sell for international and focus on custom watches service own by Horomaster Group Co..

Horomaster Group Co. includes the brands SEA-KORS, Sugess, Seestern, GlamorMaster, GUSTAVBECKER and SUSSAR.

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Seestern Watches

  • Sugess Watch

    Flying Tourbillon

    In a tourbillon the escapement and balance wheel are mounted in a
    rotating cage, in order to negate the effects of gravity when the

  • Sugess Watch

    Coaxial Tourbillon

    The characteristic of the coaxial tourbillon is that the rotation center
    of the balance wheel and the rotation center of the tourbillon cage are
    the same axis, so it is called the coaxial tourbillon.

  • Sugess Watch

    Complicated Tourbillon

    More function on Tourbillon by our watch marker.

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