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Who are we

SEAKORS WATCHES is manage by Samantha & Jenny, and founded by very talented female watch enthusiasts COCO. Our focus on chronographs and tourbillon.

With SEA-KORS we are sell for international and focus on custom watches service own by Horomaster Group Team, Sugess Timepiece Development Company.


We are using our long-term suppliers to guarantee the quality of each wristwatch leaving our office. We use 316L Stainless steel, direct imported movements from SEIKO and Miyota, bright lume from Japan or Switzerland, sapphire crystal and much more.  


Are we a factory?

No. We are something called a Microbrand. In its definition: A small watch company that outsources most of their work and produce limited quantities. With 7 team members we are far from being a big watch company, but yet we have an eye on the quality.  



Do you have other brands?

Yes, the Horomaster Group Co. includes the brands Sugess, SEA-KORS, GLAMOR MASTER and Seestern. 


Where are you located?

We have offices in Shenzhen & Hong Kong at China. 


Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, but due to some regulations, we cannot ship to some countries (India, Iran, Brasil etc.)